Thursday, August 2, 2007

I am so tired. I can't stay awake, so I'm going to write to keep my eyes open (I hope). my lips are chapped, my stomach hurts really bad, and I keep falling asleep at my desk. coffee is out of the question because my stomach hurts so bad.

what a whiny bitch I am. a bridge collapses in minnesota, killing several and injuring dozens others, and I'm bitchy about my chapped lips. I hope they're all ok. I wonder what will happen beyond this? I know a lot of engineers are currently inspecting the bridges in their cities. the guy who is in the press conference is good about laying out the situation and asking the public for a few, very particular ways they can help the search and rescue.

ok I am too tired to do this anymore. I'm going to tell ana that I want to go home early today.

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