Tuesday, August 28, 2007

my co-worker and I have been showing up to work lately wearing almost identical outfits. last week or so we were both wearing khakis and brown short-sleeved shirts (as well as a female photog), and today we were both sporting pin-striped collared shirts and jeans. def random, def not planned. it's funny though.

ok, to finish my apartment for now, I need to:
-get my table and chairs, strip them of paint, paint them or finish them
-get a curio cabinet or shelving unit for my crystal (goodwill)
-hang pics
-strip the bedside table in my room and finish it or paint it
-paint the black parts of kitchen
-find a desk and set up computer
-get more pic frames
-find rugs: kitchen, bedroom, front room
-find big pillows for front room
-bring back comforter and get new one

I also need to go grocery shopping...

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