Monday, August 20, 2007

chicken or the egg?

I have another one of my feelings today. I'm trying to brush it off and pretend that it's nothing, that it's too much coffee and sugar. the fact that I'm mentioning it at all isn't a good sign for me because I usually just ignore it and let whatever happens, happen. I'm not going to talk to steven today because I got the feeling last night that he's on the brink of one of his moods. he needs a little space, and I need to stop giving him shit about constantly coming over. I have a feeling it's getting to him. if we do hang out at all in the near future, I'm going to push for it to be low-key and low-cost.

I don't know whether these feelings I get are like self-fulfilling prophecies (as in, I don't feel right, I acknowledge that, then something bad happens), or if it's my body or mind telling me something is going to happen for sure.

gotta go

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