Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so tired, and I'm super hungry. my energy resources have been cashed because I worked all day yesterday on my apartment after kmov, then I went to work at WB. I haven't eaten much in the last few days because I don't have time or I forget which isn't helping me any. ugh. I really, really need to take better care of myself because my body is rebelling against me.

I do have some points of good news, however. first, I finished painting my bathroom yesterday , and the navy blue turned out really pretty. I also get my couches today as well as a big TV, and uncle mike and my grandpa brought my dresser over yesterday. sylvia is going to be shopping for wedding gowns today (since she FINALLY booked a reception hall), and I'm going to alton later for a bbq. then, later this weekend my fam and I will be in the ozarks. I don't have high, high expectations, but that's a bundle of good news I thought I could keep in mind if the going got tough.

I'm headed out early so I can get a bite to eat at einstein (I think) and then get my apartment in order for the deliveries.

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