Friday, July 27, 2007

lonnnnnnnnnng morning

I just got screwed with scripts this morning. the producers accidentally printed out the scripts in the wrong format - which is a legit mistake - and they can't cancel the printing job. I then had to wait almost 10 min (an eternity in TV time) for the wrong scripts to print before the correct scripts started printing. I then had to power-sort and run half of the script down the hallway to the director by 620. THEN I'm desperately trying to sort through the mess they call a script, which was really late at that point, and the producer who I'm pretty sure was the culprit behind printing it incorrectly came over the intercom in a snobby voice saying "we need a script, the ANCHOR doesn't have a script yet..." no shit. I had to deal with a printer jamming as well, so all was FUCKIN WONDERFUL IN THE NEWSROOM. you know, I know we all make mistakes, and time is the biggest issue, but no one apologized to me, and no one offered to perhaps bring down more scripts/updates to the director. it's not necessary, but after dealing with all that shit I had already dealt with, it would have been nice. whatever. pride, I suppose, can get in the way of politeness. I'm ready to go home and run, then shower, then see my man.

which brings me to this: last night steven broke his nose at his softball game. poor guy. I didn't get a chance to talk to him, but james and his mom called me on their way/from the ER. I know he's fine, but it's going to be a bear sleeping with him (if he lets me).

I need a coffee. and food.

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